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The Worst Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid

Our Top 4 Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid

The lawn mower is an important tool for anyone looking to maintain their lawn, even if you only have a small lawn. A lawn mower will not only keep your lawn neatly trimmed, but it can also help prevent serious lawn damage like growth of weeds and overgrown grass that might attract pests.

In this article we will show you what to look for in a mower, our top 4 lawn mower brands to avoid, and some better options for the right lawn mower brands to choose.

What to Look For in a Lawn Mower

There are a few things to pay attention to when choosing a lawn mower, here are the top considerations.

Manual Versus Automatic

Operating a lawn mower requires some level of physical exertion. If you are physically unable to use a manual lawn mower , then an automatic one might be the right choice. If you are physically able , however, it is best to go with a manual lawn mower because they are often built better, more powerful, and last longer than their automatic counterparts.


Larger lawns will require more powerful mowers. Typically lawn mowers are split into two categories: corded or gas powered mowers, and push mowers. Corded lawn mower options are less powerful but provide consistent power throughout the entire lawn, where gas-powered lawn mowers start to lose strength as they run out of “juice”.

Push mowers might be sufficient for many smaller yards, particularly if the yard is flat. If your lawn is too large , it may be best to look at other alternatives than a simple push lawnmower. Also, how does the mower handle the grass clippings?

Engine Size

The size of the engine required depends on the size of your lawn and how hilly your property is. The larger engines typically cost more than their smaller counterparts.

Gas powered mowers are generally more expensive than their electric mower counterparts but they are also much more powerful quality mowers regardless of lawn mower brand. Corded electric mowers or a battery powered mower will have less power even though an electric mower offers the convenience of not using gas. Remember that a battery powered mower must be charged fully to reach it’s best performance. Electric mowers will need a long enough cord to cover the full lawn and grass clippings. An electric mower is slightly inconvenient but they also offer cordless electric lawn mower options.


Lawn mower blades are normally made of steel, which is very durable if treated appropriately. A two-blade cutting system is better when dealing with thick grass and bagging clippings.

Cheap quality plastic body mowers will wear down and become less effective over time. This is not the case with metal mowers but lawn mower brand can make a difference.

The Top 10 Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid

Here are lawn mower brands to avoid. This list is based on lawn mower reviews from users, lawn equipment experts, lawnmower lovers , etc.


Toro is one of the most well known lawn mower brands in America. However, Toro has received some extremely poor user ratings and lawn mower reviews which also makes them one of the worst lawn mowers in America.

In the bad reviews, users have complained of mowers with damaged and defective parts. Some lawnmower experts say that Toro lawn mowers are considered among the worst lawn mower brands on the market today. Couple that with their poor performance, cheap quality plastic body, and less than stellar mower engine you should look elsewhere.


Snapper mowers have received some low ratings from users who complain about lawn mowers breaking down within a few months or even weeks after purchase.

These lawnmower experts also report problems such as broken wheels, faulty transmissions, and broken handles. However, it should be noted that Snapper lawn tractors receive high scores from certain expert sources that review lawn equipment extensively and use them throughout their day-to-day work (e.g., Lawn & Garden Tool Institute ).


Husqvarna mowers have a bad reputation for lawnmower breakdowns and also receive low ratings from users who complain about lawn mowers breaking down within a few months or even weeks after purchase. These lawn mower problems include faulty transmissions and broken handles.


Yard-Man lawn mowers have received mixed reviews from users, as some owners report lawnmower breakdowns similar to those reported by Snapper and Husqvarna lawnmower owners (i.e., mowers break down within a few months of use), whereas others report no significant problems with their Yard-Mans.

However, it’s worth noting that reviewers mention several common complaints about the lawn tractors, such as faulty wheels/tires and poorly designed handles (which makes them difficult to control and maneuver).

As such, Yard-Man lawn mowers do not appear to be a lawn mower brand that you should consider.

The Lawn Mower Brands to Buy in 2021

Now that you know the brands to avoid here are our picks for some of the best lawn mower brands out there.


The best things about Dixon are the lawn mowers are so quiet you can mow your lawn at night, they start with a simple push of a button and they have electric start capabilities.

They use the latest in lawn tractor engine technology to reduce emissions, cut noise pollution and increase mower power up to 25%.

Perfect for people who hate the loud lawn mowers that annoy their neighbors.


We recommend Poulan because they are durable lawn mowers with powerful engines.

Poulan lawn mowers give you great performance, power and durability at an affordable price.

They also come backed with one of the longest warranties in the lawn mower industry – 5 years on everything even wear parts like blades and spindles!

People who bought Poulan lawn mowers say they’re value for money lawn mowers because of their great engine power, reliability and easy to operate lawn mower controls.


Mantis lawn mowers are on our recommended list because these lawn mowers give you great performance and value for money lawn mowers.

They come with a durable Briggs and Stratton engine that provides reliable performance for many lawn mowing seasons, and more than adequate power to get through some rougher lawns.

People who bought Mantis lawn mowers say they’re easy to use lawn mowers because of their light weight which makes maneuvering effortless.


We recommend Clarke lawn mowers because these are well-built lawn mower brands that have easy to operate lawn mower controls just like the other top 10 lawn mower brands on our recommended list.

These lawn mowers also have an upgraded air induction design, which increases airflow over the blades, providing better fuel/air mixing.

The lawn mower models are considered to be very well-built because of their durability and reliability.

Troy Bilt

Troy Bilt mowers are on our list of the best mower brands because of their lawn mowers’ ruggedness. Troy Bilt lawn mower models are made using commercial-type components therefore, are more durable than lawn mower brands that are not on our list.

These lawn mower models by Troy Bilt have heavy-duty steel decks which provide solid support for the blades and the motor while working on hillsides or in yards with uneven terrain.

Troy Bilt is known for creating a product built to last and it reflects in their positive reviews. You’re not going to go wrong with Troy Bilt mowers.

When You Avoid the Worst Lawn Mower Brands You Make a Better Investment in the Long Run

Instead of saving a few bucks up front, you are better off buying lawn mowers that have better reviews.

It is time for homeowners to start being more aware of the lawn mower brands they are supporting with their consumer dollars. We hope that this article has been helpful in knowing which lawn mower brands to avoid when you’re out there trying to decide.

What to learn more about choosing the right lawn mower? Check out this article here.


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