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How to Start a Poulan Pro Riding Mower

You’ve made your purchase and brought your brand new Poulan Pro mower home. It looks great, it smells great, but you can’t seem to make it run. You sit down for a minute and think about what’s wrong, then you get up motivated more than ever to see your Poulan Pro lawn mower in action!

But, to avoid mower fails you need to know how to prep your lawn mowers engine to run for the first time. It needs fresh gas, fresh oil, and more to make sure it’s in running condition even if it’s brand new before the engine starts.

What do I need?

You’ll need the following items before attempting to start your riding mower:

  • A flat surface of some sort that will allow you to easily check under the hood
  • A Poulan Pro user manual (optional)
  • Poulan brand engine oil
  • Gasoline/Fuel
  • A bucket or container
  • An extra set of hands if possible (recommended)

How do I prep my riding mower?

Start by removing the lawn mower from its base, if it is still attached.

Take off the Poulan Pro shield under the hood of your Poulan Pro mower. You should then next take out your Poulan Pro spark plug wire and remove your Poulan Pro spark plug with a socket wrench.

Be sure to use a Poulan Pro manual as reference for this step.

Inspecting your engine oil

Check to see what type of oil is in your tank, if any at all.

Most likely there won’t be any since you just brought this home and most dealerships don’t pre-fill machines before they are sold.

You should Poulan Pro change the oil after you check to make sure it isn’t black or very dark in color. This poulan brand oil is bad and you need to replace it with new motor oil. To change your oil, open up your engine hatch located on top of the mower deck under where the seat is located.

Take out any old oil by draining into an old pail; be sure not to get any on anything but grass or dirt as this can damage surfaces other than grassy areas. Fresh oil is imperative to get the best performance from your lawn mower.

Filling up the gas tank

Once the oil is changed, you’ll need to fill up the gas tank. The gas tank on most mowers can hold about one gallon of gasoline; this should be good for most yards that are less than a 1/4 acre in size.

Check that there are no tears or any holes in the seat cushion. If the cushion is ripped, don’t use it because it could cause injury while riding your mower. To change the seat cushion, simply remove all four screws from underneath the seat.

Double check the fuel line and the fuel filter are in place and not damaged. The fuel filter should be clean and the fuel line clear.

Make sure the blade control lever is in the correct position and remember your Poulan Pro lawn mower can’t back up

Poulan Pro mowers don’t have a reverse gear so they can’t go in the opposite direction. This requires the mower to be pushed backwards while attempting to move it forward in order to back up.

Using a Poulan Pro riding lawn mower is fairly simple once you get used to using one and you know how each Poulan Pro lawnmower operates, but there are some steps on how to start a Poulan Pro brand riding lawn mower that you should follow before trying anything else.

In order for the engine of your mower to turn on, you need to pull the blade control lever towards yourself. The Poulan Pro will not turn on if this lever is set in any other position

Check your air filter and intake

Make sure to check your air filter and air intake before trying to start your Poulan Pro lawn mower.

You will need to open the air filter compartment which is located on the front right hand side of your Poulan Pro riding lawnmower in order to look at your air intake.

If there is any dirt or debris in either one, take it out and clean off both sides thoroughly. You can use an air hose in order to clean it off if you like. Once everything looks fine, set your air intake back in place properly and close up the cover for the compartment again.

Make sure your brake pedal and parking brake are working

Once you’ve checked the oil, gas, and air movement check over the braking system. The parking brake should be disengaged and the brake pedal should be functional.

Check over the steering wheel and new battery while you’re doing your double checks under the mower housing. Once you’ve confirmed all the wiring is good, there’s no old fuel, the choke position is good and the parking brake are in neutral position you can replace the mower deck and get ready to hop on your new riding lawn mower.

Now You’re Ready to Start Mowing

Thank you for reading this article, hopefully it will help you out with the Poulan Pro riding lawnmower you own. Riding mowers definitely take some getting used too but riding mowers will also make your chores and cleaning up your property so much easier.

Now that you’re yard will be maintained and ready why not start to plan that vegetable garden you’ve been dreaming of? Check out this article on how.


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