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The Best Organic Fertilizer Who Will Win?

Our Top 10 Best Organic Fertilizer Brands

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Organic fertilizers are a great way to enrich the soil for a better growing environment. Organic nutrients include plant food or plant supplements that provide plants with the necessary nutrients they need to survive and grow. They’re environmentally friendly and don’t pose any health hazards to humans or animals when used correctly, which is why organic fertilizers have become so popular in recent years.

Organic Fertilizer vs Chemical Fertilizer

Artificial fertilization has been used for many years now but only recently have organic fertilizers gained such popularity because organic farming methods have become more respected throughout the gardening world.

Organic fertilizer doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals. Chemical fertilizers consist of synthesized chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies and the environment when used incorrectly. Another benefit to organic fertilizers is that they release much slower than their chemical counterparts so you won’t have to worry about how often you need to apply them.

It’s practically impossible to overapply an organic fertilizer because they don’t offer a downside to your plants and will eventually break down as additional biological matter in the soil.

Wondering about how to take care of your front lawn? Learn more about organic lawn care here.

Organic Nutrients vs Chemical Nutrients

Chemical fertilizers are made from minerals such as nitrogen phosphate and potash while organic fertilizers are derived from natural sources such as animal manure, composts, fish products, bone meal, blood meal, and more.

These fertilizers are non-toxic and safe for humans and animals to use as fertilizer, but it should be noted that chemical fertilizers can deplete the soil of valuable minerals over time causing the soil to remain weak which reduces its overall productivity levels. Therefore these products will provide long-term benefits to agricultural production far beyond short-term gains provided by synthetic derivatives.

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The Top 10 Best Organic Fertilizer Brands

Now that you know why organic fertilizers are good for plants and the environment, let’s talk about some organic nutrients available today! Here is our list of the top 10 best organic fertilizer brands on the market today:

1. Espoma Tone Line

If organic fertilizers are organic, that implies certain materials and ingredients. An organic fertilizer will not include synthetic or chemically processed material that can be harmful to your soil, plants, and pets. Soil is a complex ecosystem that requires myriad balances in order to flourish. There are billions of organic matter found in organic fertilizers which helps build organic humus in the soil.

This improves the structure of the dirt allowing for better absorption of water and nutrients from rainfall or irrigation systems. It establishes a long-term relationship with microorganisms in the ground keeping it healthy over time.

Espoma Tone makes the best organic fertilizer list because it contains organic material from organic grass clippings and organic palm mulch. It also includes organic bone meal, organic iron oxide, organic humic acid, along a few other nutrient elements in small quantities. This is an incredible product that can be used at any time of the year for almost all plants.

The Espoma Tone line makes this list because it’s designed specifically to promote plant growth when vegetables and other plants need the most help growing healthy and strong. The manufacturing process draws upon wastes from nearby factories to create a potent soil amendment product that promotes mineralization and microbial activity in your organic garden beds.

Check out the Espoma Plant Food here on Amazon.

2. Miracle-Gro Organic Choice

There are many brands available across Amazon under organic fertilizers our list only includes those products having organic certification however organic fertilizer is made up of organic ingredients which are grown in an organic way.

While Miracle-Gro has had some drama and negative correlations with gardeners in the past, their organic line has brought the brand into a new age. Miracle-Gro organic fertilizer promotes blooms, fruit, and vegetables.

Check out the Miracle-Gro Organic Choice here on Amazon.

3. FoxFarm Happy Frog

Foxfarm organic fertilizers are perfect for organic gardeners due to their organic approach to plant food. Their formula is carefully designed around plant biology to ensure that your organic plants have the best chance at thriving in an organic environment Supercharge your organic garden with organic fertilizer from Fox Farm.

Check out FoxFarm on Amazon here.

4. Tyler Farms

Tyler Farms Natural & Organic All Purpose Plant Food gives you an advantage to grow all kinds of vegetables freely without any side effects, whether you want good-sized vegetables or blooming flowers, it works every time! This organic fertilizer made our list because Tyler Farms gives you an advantage to grow all kinds of vegetables freely without any side effects, whether you want good-sized vegetables or blooming flowers, it works every time!

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5. Botanicare Pure Blend Pro

Botanicare organic fertilizers are designed to create dynamic organic blends for organic gardeners and organic hydroponic systems alike. Their organic nutrient formula is designed to work as a whole, simple blend of organic nutrients that will supercharge your growth and intensify your flavor.

Botanicare adds the other benefit that their organic formulas are pH stable, so there is no need to be concerned about the nutrient composition changing over time during storage.

Find Botanicare Pure Blend Pro on Amazon here.

6. B’cuzz  

B’Cuzz organic fertilizers provide organic nutrients and organic supplements are phenomenal when it comes to growing vegetables and flowers. They refuse to use any chemicals, fillers, or artificial ingredients in their organic fertilizer, and that is why they can offer such a high-quality organic nutrient formula that has been used by organic farmers for over 30 years.

They produce many different organic fertilizers based on what stage of growth you are in and they also design their products so that each one of them will work harmoniously with the others in the line. Their organic fertilizers provide most of the major nutrients necessary during all stages of organic plant life while providing trace elements, beneficial bacteria, and vitamins as well.

Their organic digestive system booster contains humic acid which acts as a catalyst to help break down other nutrients for plant absorption while increasing resistance against various types of fungi diseases. B’Cuzz is a quality brand and we are happy to have them on this list.

Check it out on Amazon here.

7. Dyna-Gro

Dyna-Gro organic plant food is one of the best fertilizers available to organic gardeners because it contains all major, minor, and trace elements necessary for healthy organic plants without any ingredients which are harmful to the environment.

They only include organic nutrients in their organic plant food and other products.

Find it on Amazon here.

8. Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizers

Dr. Earth organic fertilizers are organic and include organic nutrients to provide the most natural, organic growing environment for gardeners. They have different formulas for vegetables, flowers, roses, and more.

They made our best organic fertilizer list because Dr. Earth’s organic plant food is organic, non-GMO, vegan organic plant fertilizers which are available on Amazon.

Click here to check it out on Amazon.

9. Neptune’s Harvest

Neptune’s Harvest is a liquid organic fertilizer that is organic, water-soluble, and contains organic nutrients. You get a great bang for your buck because it’s a concentrate.

They are an organic plant food company that provides organic fertilizers for many different plants. They have organic fertilizers for vegetables, trees & shrubs, roses, flowers, herbs, houseplants, container gardens, orchids and so much more!

Click here to get it on Amazon.

10. Down to Earth

Our final pick is Down to Earth organic fertilizers, organic fertilizers that contain organic plant food. They have organic starter fertilizer, organic soil amendment, organic pelleted fertilizer, and organic water-soluble concentrate.

Down to Earth is a brand that believes in organic fertilizers because organic fertilizers are better for the environment. Organic plant food is not processed with chemicals or other artificial ingredients. They also believe organic fertilizers give plants the nutrients they need without harming them.

Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Now You Know All About the Best Organic Fertilizer

By reading this article, you should now know organic fertilizers what organic means, why organic is better for the environment, and different kinds of organic nutrients that are included in organic fertilizers.

You should also be able to make a list of the top 10 best organic fertilizer brands on Amazon. We look forward to continuing to bring you all the latest info on sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening.

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